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Translation and Localization Services I provide

English to German translations

With several years of in-house experience with an ERP software company, I specialize in the translation of user assistance materials like manuals and online help. In addition to that I offer website localization. I also like to translate user interfaces of computer progams (Windows and macOS) and apps for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

In addition to that, I offer editing and proofreading services for the before mentioned materials to assure a high language quality.

Software and website testing

In case you have a translated and localized program, app, or website, I could test it following test cases using a German operating system and check the layout and look for truncations or other issues.

Areas of specialization

Books as reference material: Die deutsche Rechtschreibung; Richtiges und gutes Deutsch, Sinn- und sachverwandte Wörter; Dudenverlag

German reference materials

Books as reference material: Advanced Learner´s dictionary; A Practical Guide to Localization, by Bert Esselink; Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan

English reference materials